Ways to combat sleep deprivation post-delivery

Sleep deprivation is one of the common issues faced by New Moms and Dads.

It is very hard to wake up 5-7 times during the night to feed the baby and change the diapers at times.

Here are a few things that can help you reduce your tiredness or get rid of the sluggish phase.

Avoid Caffeine or Any Energy Drinks

It’s generally advised by doctors not to drink energy or caffeine contained drinks as it impacts the babies sleep routine. Avoiding these drinks will also help your system to get used to a sleeping routine irrespective of the duration.

Lie Down Flat

Even if you’re not sleepy, lie down on a flat surface, this helps your muscle to relax. This will help you relax your mind and body. Try taking few frequent naps like these throughout the day.

Get Help

Ask help from someone to take care of other things for the baby like diaper change, putting the baby to sleep etc. This will help you focus more clearly on the primary things to be taken care for the baby and also in turn help reduce stress on you.

Take Quick Naps

All babies will have a routine, if your luck to find out the routine, try getting quick short naps. This might take up to a month to notice, but also keep in mind that during 1-2yrs of growing there will be frequent changes in the sleeping and appetite of the babies. So expect changes more often.


Accept that this is a short time thing which you will go through. Being organised and planning ahead for things will definitely help you ease out most of the things. 

Always remember, parenting is the most beautiful part of every Mom's and Dad's life. So treasure every moment in the baby life.

Happy Parenting!

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