How do I choose the right clothes for my baby?

Becoming a parent is one of the bravest steps anyone can take. The responsibility comes with the commitment of providing the best to the children.

Clothing and nurturing are the key activities carried out by any parent for the next 2 years from the day the baby sees the world. When it comes to clothing, every parent needs to be extra cautious in choosing the right garment for the baby.

In this blog, we shall see the key aspects that will make you choose the right dress for your bundle of joy.

1. Material:

 As baby skins are very soft and prone to any infection, choosing safe cloths becomes the top priority. Baby skin is 10 times sensitive than adults, plus their skin absorbs and loses moisture quicker.

100% cotton garments are the right choice for a softer feel and comfort. Dresses made of Organic cotton are even safer for baby skin.

2. The right dress for the right weather:

Parents should take the utmost precautionary steps before exposing the Newborns babies to new temperatures and climates.

Woolen dress for rainy and winter seasons. Cotton dresses can be worn throughout the year, but they are more apt for the summer seasons because of their excellent breathable material.

3. Free from Toxic chemicals:

Doing the proper research about the manufacturer and the manufacturing process is more important before making any purchase.

Always choose a dress which is free from toxic chemicals and pre-washed/ bio-washed. Make sure that you always wash any new garments at least once and sun-dry it before trying it on to the Baby.

Give attention to the detailing of the products, are they tag-free which usually irritates the baby skin when they move.

Spread the news:

Try purchasing from the same store when you feel that the products are safe for the baby. This reduces the risks of any skin infection or allergies.

Share your learning with the new moms who will benefit from your learning.

Happy Parenting!!

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