Caring for your baby during winter

When it comes to taking care of a baby, it is usually considered to be the most significant work anyone does in life. Even the most careful things can be very tricky.

Taking care of your baby is already a messy affair and winters can just seem impossible.

Well, worry not! We have a few things that can help you care more efficiently.


Baby’s Clothing During Winter

Kids under 6 months need a little more protection than you might think. Dressing these babies for winters can indeed be very challenging.  In order to protect them, you might have gone a little too far and the baby might be uncomfortable. Make sure they are warm and keep a check on their body temperature from time to time.

100% cotton garments are the right choice for a softer feel and comfort. Dresses made of Organic Cotton are even safer for baby skin.

It's time to upgrade your little one's wardrobe with some exciting collections for the chillness that's to come. At Babysafe, we offer winter essentials, which for sure would keep your little one warm and cozy. They'll love it.

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Dress Your Baby In Layers

The best way to dress your newborn in winters is to dress them up in layers instead of one thick layer which might be uncomfortable for them. The best way to release the number of layers, determine how many layers you’d be comfortable in and add an extra layer for the baby. Effective thermal inner wears are highly recommended as one of the base layers. 

Babysafe offers premium collections for little one. The vivacious designs and precision stitching, will promise to you and your baby the most comfortable wear.

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Socks and Hats

Head and feet are very important parts of a body that needs protection. Therefore, by adding hats and gloves you can be sure that your baby is safe from the cold weather.

Babysafe offers comfy set of socks and hats for your little one.

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Massage Your Baby Well

Massages are also an option that can be availed by parents. Dryness is a common result of winters and the baby needs to be moisturized. An oil massage can be very helpful to keep the baby warm and comfy in the chilly winter. Use baby specific oils to gently massage the baby for a while. The massage generates heat combined with the oil proved to be extremely healthy for the newborn.


Bathing Session

Skipping a day during winters should not be a problem as kids do not get dirty that soon. Make sure the water is not too hot and make it a quick one. You can also bathe your baby once a day but missing one day when it is too cold is perfectly all right.

Ensure your little one is warm and dry after bath time with our muslin towels. We believe in making sure your baby has the most comfortable sleep, that’s why we have crafted the baby blanket - to help your whole family feel rested and happy. 

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Happy Parenting!

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