The Best Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas

The holidays are always a special time for celebrating traditions (old and new), but if it happens to be baby’s first Christmas - well, that calls for pulling out all the stops.

Experiencing Christmas as a parent is SO magical and it’s so much fun to be the maker of that magic for your child.

But, honestly it can be hard to shop for First Christmas gifts; after all, babies don’t need a ton, aside from the essentials, and it’s likely that your baby is going to be spoiled by well-meaning friends and family.

In this baby’s first Christmas gift guide, we have a mix of fun and practical perfect for any baby girl or baby boy’s first Christmas.

Newborn Christmas Gifts: 0 to 3 months

Doing holiday shopping for little ones is always fun, but picking baby’s first Christmas gifts is an extra-special affair. From play mats to loveys, rattles and more, these age-appropriate presents for newborn girls and boys will soothe and stimulate your sweetheart.

Baby Christmas Gifts: 3 to 6 months

Your little one is starting to explore the world around them - so the baby Christmas gifts you select should encourage this natural curiosity. Delight baby’s senses with musical toys, teethers, tummy time accessories and more.

Baby Christmas Gifts: 6 to 9 months

Baby is busy fine-tuning their motor skills (by grabbing everything in sight). Opt for baby Christmas gifts that they can get their hands on, like clutching toys, rattles, balls and sensory activity books.

Baby Christmas Gifts: 9 to 12 months

Presents that baby can push, pull and chase are bound to be winners this year. After all, your tiny tot is probably on the move! Our picks for the best baby Christmas gifts boost little ones’ fine and gross motor skills and sensory development. They’re also just plain fun.

The holidays and Christmas take on a whole new kind of magic when you’re experiencing them again through the eyes of your children, especially when you’re celebrating the first holiday season with your new bundle of joy.

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