Amazing Facts About January Babies

It goes without saying - and we think you'll agree - January kids are very special!

As it so happens, science also agrees. Do you have a creative flair? Or does tearing up the field, court, rink, or ring come naturally to you? These are just some of the many scientifically-proven traits that make people with January birthdays sparkle and shine.

To celebrate your birthday month, we've rounded up fascinating science-based facts about what your birthday could say about you.

January kids are 'CREATIVE'

They say, 'great minds think alike, but creative minds think like no other,' but we don't need to tell you that! Opening up your imagination and unleashing your creativity comes oh-so-easily, and studies suggest your birth month could play a role. 

January kids are 'LEADERS'

Have you been told you're a natural-born leader? That could quite literally be the case. According to research, people born during the month of January are among those most likely to become CEOs.

January kids are 'GREAT AT SPORTS'

What is one thing you and Muhammad Ali - one of the greatest athletes of all time - have in common? You both were born in January - which scientists say improves your chances of becoming a professional athlete!

January kids have 'STAR QUALITY'

Stay in school, kids - but a life of fame and fortune could well be in the cards! You heard it here first, now... please can we have your autograph? 

January kids are 'SMART'

While things are already looking bright for January babies, perhaps nothing’s quite so bright as you are!

January kids are 'CHILL'

Maybe being born during the cooler months is what gives you an edge when it comes to your cool-factor!

January kids are more likely to be 'LEFT-HANDED'

You don't have two left feet when it comes to sports, but research suggests you are more likely to be left-handed.

January kids are more likely to become 'DOCTORS'

Doctors make the world a better place. According to a study, people born during the month of January are more likely to pursue this career than any other month! 

January kids are 'HEALTHY'

Your health is everything, and studies suggest January babies are at no major disadvantages when it comes to their health.

January kids are in good 'COMPANY'

You share your birthday month with Martin Luther King Jr., Michelle Obama, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Oprah Winfrey - need we say more? There's a long list of remarkable figures born in January, and you’re one of them! 

Happy birthday!!!

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