Awesome Outdoor Toys for Kids

Kids love to build, dig, jump, create and bounce on things when they're outside. The best outdoor toys are the ones that fit what your kids are interested in!

Presenting you the variety of outdoor toys and tools for toddlers, preschoolers, and older! They are organized into few categories based on the type of play that they might be used for.

    Construction Play

    These construction tools are great whether you have a dedicated mud pit or rock pit or just a big patch of dirt where kids can play!

    Vehicle Play

    Outdoor vehicle play can be so fun! Use whatever materials you can find to make ramps and roads. We love our vinyl baseboard roads and vinyl rain gutters for inexpensive vehicle play fun as well.

    Pretend Play

    Pretend play is awesome in the mud kitchen, playhouse, or in a fun fort.

    Sensory Play

    The outdoors inspires so much sensory play! All you need is a pile of dirt. You can also use a sand/water table or even make some foam! The possibilities are endless.

    Water Play

    These toys and tools are great for summer time when its warm! They can also be fun if you have a kiddie pool or in ground pool.

    Ride On Play

    Kids love to move! These toys that you can ride on make family adventures and backyard play way more fun!

    Creative Play

    Whether you have an outdoor easel or just an old sheet that you throw over a fence, there are so many ways to be creative outside! These are some tools we love to use as we pull out the washable paint or other materials to create with.

    Sports Play

    These ball themed activities can be awesome for a variety of ages. Balls encourage kids to work on gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

    Jumping Play

    Help your kids get their energy out and have fun moving with these awesome toys that you can bounce and jump on. We have had all of these toys for almost a decade and the are consistent hits with all of the kids that come to our house.

    Backyard Games

    These backyard games are great for kids who love more structure to their outdoor fun. They are best for kids who are interested in following directions and working with teammates to play a game. They can also be fun to play together as a family with multi-aged kids and adults can team up with any littler kids.

    Having great outdoor toys can make a big difference in how kids play outside! You don't need a lot of outdoor toys, but you need the right toys for your kids and their interests.

    As you are deciding what toys to invite into your backyard, patio, or to store for outside play in your garage, you want to think about a few things.

    Other outdoor toys and tools to keep around for play/activities:

    - Wood blocks and boards
    - Cardboard boxes
    - Old sheet (spray with spray bottles or paint it)
    - Washable paint
    - Dollar store muffin tins
    - Bubble wands

    No toys? No problem! The outdoors are also a great place for unstructured play!

    Whether it’s exploring their backyard or running around the park, nature helps kids use their imagination and creativity while playing. So let your little one explore and enjoy the great outdoors.

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