Coziness Redefined with Babysafe

Babysafe - Where earth-loving fabrics meet playful prints!

Designed with sustainability and comfort in mind, Babysafe are good for the environment and your kids too!

100% Organic Cotton | Lovable Prints | Super Comfy | Styled with Sustainability      

Styles to elevate your trend game: Be a trendsetter & flex your glam side

Double the Color. Double the Fun.: Let these edgy two-tone attires make it to your shopping list.  

Breezy & Flowy: It’s all smiles when Babysafe beans breeze along in flowy dresses.

Bold & Vivid: Styles that capture your mind. Now choose our Organic Cotton ranges that ensure the spotlight shines on you always.  

Stylish & Trendy: We are sensing days filled with bold energy and style ahead.

Casual & Chill: Chill mode activated. Bringing in some casual looks, perfect for those laid back days spent with friends.

Outdoorsy & Playful: Playful fits for colorful spirits to embrace the ride.

 Mirror Mirror on the Wall! Which is the cutest print of them all? From vibrant Toucan, Jungle, Floral and Space themes, we’ve got your babies favorites covered!

Early Mornings: Playtime in Babysafe

Afternoon: Hobby time with Babysafe

Evening: Chill time with Babysafe

Night: Story time in Babysafe

Babysafe is the registered trademark of Poppys Garments, a company in the business of Knitwear manufacture and exports for the past few decades. The company has a rich experience in catering to the International Brand leaders in the Knitwear segment, and carries the lessons learnt and the expertise to its own Brand Babysafe.

All of the products under the brand is made of 100% Organic Cotton, using eco friendly practices. Babysafe garments are totally free of toxic dyes and chemicals. The fabric undergoes a “SUPER SOFT” treatment before being cut and sewn, ensuring the soft hand feels even after multiple washes. The garments passes through stringent quality checks set to European standard and are packed in a metal free zone, ensuring they live up to their name Babysafe.

Happy Shopping!!!

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