5 Baby Sleep Myths Every Parent Should Know

Getting constant advice from your parents, in-laws, and friends about your baby’s sleep cycle?

For new parents, one of the hardest things to do is understand how to manage to get some rest while making sure that the baby is resting enough too.

You are probably overwhelmed at the thought that you are not going to get any shut-eye once the baby arrives. What you need is the right information about good sleep and your baby. In fact, there are several myths about sleeping babies that you need to know about to ensure that your baby gets all the rest.


1. You get to decide when your baby sleeps and for how long

Newborn babies spend most of their time sleeping. That said, they will only sleep when their body is ready. Their waking up depends entirely on cues such as hunger or wetness of the diaper. Instead of creating a schedule, it is best that you follow your baby’s cues to ensure that he is well rested.

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2. If your baby sleeps in the car or during a stroll, it does not count

What matters is that your baby should have a sound sleep. This can even be away from his crib, and he will still get as much rest as he needs. If you notice that your baby has fallen asleep in an area outside the crib, you need to put him back in. Allow the baby to wake up on his own before you change his place of sleep.

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3. Babies sleep better when you add some rice cereal to their feeding bottle

This method is not proven to have any effect on the sleep cycle of children. In fact, it can also be quite risky to give your baby rice cereal when they are too young. Babies are unable to digest it until they are at least four months old.


4. Your baby should be able to sleep through the night by the time they are three months of age

Until the baby is four months old, he or she does not need 6-8 hours of sleep. At this age, it may even be hard to get the baby to sleep for about 5 hours at a stretch. If your baby is not sleeping through the night even at four months of age, do not stress. Allow it to take its natural course.


5. You need to respond to your baby immediately after his or her sleep is broken.

Sometimes, new parents may give their babies more attention than is needed at night. Do not be alarmed by every whimper of the baby. Give it some time; if the baby goes back to sleep on his own, there is no need for you to attend to him.


Babysafe understand how overwhelming this period can be for parents.

Share your learning with the new moms who will benefit from your learning.

 Happy Parenting!

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