There are many variety of fabrics available in India for baby clothing.

India being tropical country, cotton stands first amongst all the choices. Its is smooth, skin friendly and a natural fiber.

Baby Safe product always use 100% organic cotton, which is one step ahead than using normal cotton.

Organic cotton is cultivated by natural farming method that creates a perfect balance with mother earth.
Organic cotton farming does not use,
Herbicides or
Genetically modified seeds

- Organic cotton leaves no harmful traces to the environment. It is genuinely safe for baby's delicate skin.

All our products are GOTS* certified and our labels & tags carry the certification.


Baby skin is too sensitive than we think and might get rashes very quickly if the fabrics are dyed with harmful chemicals.

We colour our products with toxic free dyes and chemicals that are skin friendly.

Our fabrics are tested and OKEOTEX* certified to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances that might harm your baby skin.

We also provide a signature special finish* to our fabrics that gives a super soft handfeel and reduced hariness on the fabric surface.


A team of young and efficient designers work dedicatedly to craft our Baby Safe Products, that are trendy and inline to fashion.

All of the Baby Safe Products are checked for a comfortable fit for the baby.
We check the fits on mannequins and on live baby models to constantly improve the product wearability.

The baby products are designed in such a way to ensure that you can wear the products to your baby at an ease.
Envelop necks or neck openings are provided on all garments.

The prints or embellishments used in our products checked for its smoothness and safety so that it does not leave any irritation to your baby.


We care for our mother earth by giving her back the love she gives to us...

Being socially responsible, we use eco friendly and bio degradable packing materials, tags, insert cards.
Our wash care labels are made from recycled pet bottles.

This ensures a low carbon foot print*

We also encourage our customers to be a part of eco friendly program by returning 100 of the Baby Safe poly bags for recycling to win a free gift.