Work-Life Balance While Working From Home

Achieving work-life balance: it’s something we all strive to do whether working from home, working remotely or working in a traditional office setting.

Have you noticed that there’s something funny that happens when you’re looking for work-life balance when you work from home?

When you’re working remotely, work-life balance has a bit of a blurrier line. Is your home your office? Is your office your home?

If you’re always home, and you’re in your home office, do you have a tendency to always feel like you’re working? Do we just assume that working from home improves work-life balance?

Finding that work-life balance when you work from home is something that comes with time. Maybe you’ve found yourself here, reading this article, because you’re trying to avoid work-from-home burnout.

Or, maybe the remote work lifestyle has got you feeling like the art of balancing work and home is like a scale that keeps tipping.

In our tips for working from home, we talk about the work-life balance during work from home and how crucial things like a remote work schedule and healthy habits for remote workers contribute a lot to your well-being.

If you’re finding that you’re still working too much and have lost your work-life balance, read on!

We’re sharing some of our best tips on this topic, to serve as remote work practices for better work-life balance:

- Begin with a morning routine that does not center around work.

- Never check work emails from bed.

- Design a home office space that separates life from work.

- Make a remote work schedule that has a start and end time.

- Avoid sitting at your home office space on weekends (or days off).

- Make sure to take a lunch break.

- Use remote work productivity tools to stay focused and remain on schedule.

- Prepare a productive meeting space that isn’t too personal.

- Make a fitness routine (and stick to it) to guarantee time for hobbies.

- Close your laptop for the day at a specific time.

- Plan post-workday activities that you enjoy, and do them.

- Give yourself a weekly check-in to avoid remote work burnout.

- Train yourself to prepare lunch rather than ordering in.

- Focus on maximizing the positive lifestyle benefits of working from home.

- Continue to network and foster new relationships while working from home.  

- Give yourself permission to explore other remote job opportunities.

- Be a remote work-life balance role model for family members and friends.

Working from home will improve your work-life balance if you set aside time for things you love, block out your schedule, focus on productivity tips, avoid burnout and spend time with family and pets.

You’re in control. Be confident. Breathe.

We’re in this together!

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