Ways to Prepare Your Baby for First Winter Season

Becoming a new parent is challenging enough, let alone preparing them for the frigid temperatures outside. Here at Babysafe, we try our best to prepare you and your new family for what’s outside our doors. Here are some outside and inside winter safety tips to brace your new delivery from the cold:


1. When taking a newborn out in the cold, use several inner layers, such as a cotton snap-bottom undershirt and a fleece sleeper. Then button your baby up in a down-filled bunting, and wrap them in a blanket. Placing them in a front carrier inside your coat can help block wind and cold, but make sure their mouth and nose aren’t obstructed. Once inside, be sure to remove layers promptly to avoid overheating; a newborn isn’t any better at cooling their body down.

2. On very cold days, be sure to use a cap that totally covers the ears, fastens under the chin, is cozy and won’t fall off.

3. Wear your baby against your body in a sling or carrier to keep them warmer when riding in a stroller. This way, you’ll be able to dress your baby in lighter clothing. Keep a blanket on hand to throw over them if they get cold.


1. The more comfortably babies are dressed for bed, the better they sleep. If you swaddle your baby, use a lightweight cloth. Cotton’s the best bet for sleeping because it’s cozy, soft and more breathable than other fabrics.

2. Skip the blankets in the crib until around 12 months — they’re a suffocation risk before then, and babies just kick them off. Instead, try a coverall (a one-piece outfit with feet, also called a sleeper or a stretchie) or a sleep sack (a wearable blanket with armholes). A fitted flannel crib sheet adds warmth, too.

3. Many pediatricians feel that bathing two or three times a week is enough for an infant’s first year. More frequent baths may dry out the skin, especially during the winter.

Make sure your baby enjoys this winter season comfortably & joyously!

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