My Baby Does Everything

It is said that, 'There is no way to be a perfect mom, but a million ways to be a good one.'

But, in our opinion, your mother is perfect, and she lives by only one guideline in order to be flawless: do everything perfectly!


"The story inspired from a Mother..."

Parenting, in my opinion, is all about providing a positive example for children. And this thinking motivates me to complete all of my tasks in the same manner as my mother.

I built a flower container out of an old paper tube lately. I painted it black and added small white flowers for more decoration. My sharp-eyed little pie kept a close check on me as I worked.

He, too, wanted to construct his own flower vase, similar to the one I'd built, so I offered him a paper tube and a few different colours to experiment with.

To my surprise, he almost got it right!  

He surprised me with a fully hand painted flower vase! He is a soon-to-be preschooler who is just learning how to wield pencils properly. And it was all finished off with the flower detailing I'd done on the second vase. This is a fantastic match!

Yes... yes... It appears that he already has a flair for getting things done correctly. I'm flattered that he looks up to me in the same manner that I look up to my mother.

But I have to acknowledge that the whole thing was a shambles.

There were paint smears all around the vase once it was complete. Paint had smeared the floor and his favourite outfit.

Despite this, I was ecstatic to have given him the chance to develop his artistic side. His tiny hands had performed the miracle. And watching him paint had brought a huge smile to my face - one that no amount of stains or mess could erase away!

I believe that children all across the world look up to their mothers and want to emulate them. Doing things correctly for a youngster means doing them the same way mom does them.


Do you remember an instance when you saw your child trying to do something perfectly, just like you? Share with us!

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