How to Handle Your Baby's First Summer?

Summer season is no less harsh than winters. The extremity in temperature and humidity can get unbearable. Despite taking all the precautionary measures such as covering the exposed body parts, using umbrella in the day time, consuming hydrating drinks, etc. we happen to fall prey to a lot of summer problems.

The summer heat can be dangerous for your baby as their skin is easily affected by the heat. Their skin is more susceptible to overheating and heat rashes. As our tiny little ones can’t cool themselves down, it’s your job to do so.

Let’s start with the clothes

Dress your baby right! Want your baby to feel cool & comfy? In that case, naturally skin fitting & thick fabric clothes is a big NO! When at home, go for loose-fitting, lightweight garments made of natural fabric like cotton.

Stepping outside? Go for light coloured long pants, full sleeved shirts and a wide brimmed hat with a long flap on the back to shield your baby’s head, face & neck from the sun.

Long or short, follow a simple rule: Choose baby comfort over fashion trends!

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Give a bash to heat rash

If your baby is sweating profusely during hot, humid weather, then it is possible that tiny red spots occur in moist areas like the nappy area, on the neck, under the chin, in the folds of skin at the back of the knees or on the elbow crease.

In order to relieve your baby from heat rash, make sure to change your baby’s clothes more often. Your baby will enjoy cool baths at this time.

Keep the sun away

First and foremost, keep your baby away from direct sunlight. You could also use baby sunscreen and apply it regularly on your baby’s soft & delicate skin, especially if you have beach or paddling pool plans. 

Have travel plans in the summer? Try to step out during the coolest hours of the day, which is usually early in the morning.

Also, remember to use baby carriers made from lightweight nylon in comparison to a heavy fabric like denim.

Hush away the heat stroke

Heat stroke is dangerous for your baby and it is best you take some precautions to prevent it.

Don’t leave your baby alone in a parked car even for a moment. ‘The car is parked in the shade’ is also no justification to do so. Keep your baby hydrated.

Make sure your baby enjoys this bright season comfortably & joyously. 

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