How to Dress A Newborn in Summer

Do you find yourself wondering how best to dress your baby during the hotter summer months?

Summer can be a tricky time for new babies and their parents. Heat can lead to dangerous conditions for young babies, but fortunately, there are many stylish and cool summer outfits to help babies beat the heat.

Make sure you have a wardrobe of lightweight, breathable clothing for your baby, and dress them appropriately for the weather each day.

Remember that it is best to keep babies out of the sun, but if you’re going outside, cover up your baby to help protect them.

Choosing Your Baby’s Outfit

The general rule is to dress your baby the same way you are dressed. This applies to dressing newborn babies as well as infants and toddlers.  Short sleeves are best for activities where the baby is playing outside in hot temperatures. Most babies will be fine in a basic onesie and shorts or a skirt. To avoid overheating, keep your baby in a single layer most of the time.

If you will be playing outside, leave the socks off of your baby’s feet.  Even at night, overheating can be a problem. Instead of heavy PJs, dress your baby in a onesie.

Choose lightweight fabrics to prevent overheating

Buy loose-fitting clothing made out of a lightweight, breathable fabric. Look for fabrics made from natural fibers, like cotton or muslin, instead of synthetic fabrics, like polyester and rayon.

Find light-colored clothing

Light-colored clothing will help make your baby feel cooler in the summer sun. This is because light colors do not retain heat as long as dark colors. Pastels and pale tones work best.

Use a lightweight baby carrier or sling

Baby slings can be very hot so choose one that is made from a lightweight fabric, like nylon instead of denim. 

Make sure your baby enjoys this bright season comfortably & joyously.

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