Effective Parenting Tips

Being a new parent can be a shocking and overwhelming transition. A baby is born but a parent is also born. Two brand new souls were brought into the world at the exact same moment. Both tender, both learning, both unsure and both looking for comfort and security.

Let’s take a look at few tips that every new parent needs to know.

Stress is Okay

Don’t worry about trying to make sure everything is perfect. The truth is, it won’t be. And that’s totally okay. Perfection in parenthood simply does not exist. Accept that stress will be a part of the game while you’re still getting adjusted and even after that.

Stressing about unrealistic perfection is a stressor within itself. If the schedule isn’t going perfectly according to your plan for a day or two, it’s okay. It’ll eventually get on track.

If you’re not pumping as much as you thought you would, it’s okay. If breastfeeding is not the dream you imagined, it’s okay. Be patient and gentle with yourself. You too have just been born.

Ditch Non-Functional Clothing

Ditch non-functional clothing and grab a few adorable zip-up outfits!

Save yourself time and limit stress with functional and meaningful clothing. Zip-up outfits make diaper changes quick, stress-free, and worry-free, which is exactly what new parents need.

Spend more time enjoying your baby in cute outfits and less time snapping annoying buttons.

Believe in Yourself

Every day in life is a learning experience, and this fact is especially true in parenthood. You’re going to feel confused and you may even make a few mistakes. None of this means that you’re a bad parent. It simply means that you’re not a robot.

Every moment of every single day is a lesson, a moment of observation, and something to take in. Believe in yourself and follow your natural instincts. You can do this, and you are doing this.

Your little baby thinks that you’re the best person in the world. The only person that has to believe it is you.

Make Wholesome Wellness Choices

We know that pursuing wellness is easier said than done when you’re a new parent. But getting the proper nutrition, rest, and exercise can really make the transition into parenthood much smoother.

Fuel your body, soul, and mind by making key wellness choices that energize and uplift you. As best as you can, try to enjoy delicious foods from all of the proper food groups and get high-quality sleep.

Take walks and enjoy physical activity while getting refueled by fresh air and comforting sunlight. You will notice a difference in your energy and overall well-being when you make the right choices in your daily routine.

Ask for Help

Without hesitation, ask for help and ask questions. Everyone needs breaks and rest to avoid burnout - especially new parents.

Never second guess needing help and ask for it as often as possible.

Whether you need someone to hold your baby so you can take a nap or you need someone to cook and clean, ask your village for help with anything you need!

Accept the Change

Parenthood can sometimes feel like you were thrown out of a plane involuntarily. Now, you’re skydiving without proper instruction on how to use the parachute. All of these feelings are okay, especially because you do know how to use the parachute. You just need to accept that this experience is a little different from what you’re used to.

Everything will be different after you become a parent. You will be different. Your relationships with your partner, family, and friends will be different.

Even your relationship with your career and work-life will be different. All of this is completely and totally okay. Accept the change, adapt, and find out how to make things work for Accept the change, adapt, and find out how to make things work for you.

Unapologetically Set Boundaries

When you become a new parent, you don’t always have to say yes. Allow what you’re genuinely okay with and reject the opportunities that don’t benefit you.

It’s your baby and your life. The only thing that matters is the comfort, needs, and wants of you and your new family member.

Don’t Worry About Cleaning

Don’t worry about cleaning when you have a new baby. There’s already a lot going on and scrambling to clean before guests come to visit is not a priority.

The truth is, if you feel like you will be judged or receive negative comments about cleanliness before guests come to visit, those guests should not be coming over anyway.

Not Everyone is a Baby Expert

When you have a new baby, people will literally come from every corner of the earth to give you advice. This can be really overwhelming!

Take advice from distant friends, online messages, and even some friends and family with a grain of salt. Not everyone is a baby expert, and all final decisions are up to you!

Don’t Sweep Dark Thoughts Under the Rug

Don’t sweep dark thoughts or feelings under the rug.

These feelings are normal and you’re not a Mommy Alien walking on planet earth all by herself. When you have a baby, there are so many things that change, including hormones.

If you’re feeling baby blues or experiencing thoughts that make you uncomfortable, sad, or uneasy, make sure to seek out help from a professional or someone you trust.

Try Not to Worry Too Much

While stress may be a normal part of parenthood, there’s no reason to worry yourself too much. As much as you can, try to relax and allow mistakes to happen. These first few months are a learning experience, and over time, things will get easier.

Happy Parenting!

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