Best Gifts for Baby’s First Holiday Season

It’s your baby’s first Holiday Season!

There are so many things that you want to buy: cute outfits and the latest baby toys and that big, giant Teddy Bear. And then there’s the shiny gifts with your baby’s name on them. You’ve dreamed of this moment.

But, babies under one year old don’t care what they get for the holidays. They would be just as happy with a bunch of empty gift bags with tissue paper, or even your personal Rubbermaid containers wrapped all pretty under the tree. They like the lights and the sound of the crinkling paper.

Yet, you can’t skip over celebrating their first Holiday. There are pictures and questions from junior when he’s older about what you got him for his first big holiday. 

If your baby - or a baby you plan on buying a holiday gift for - is celebrating their first Christmas, they could be anywhere from newborn to just about a year old. Although at this age it feels like they don't need much, there are a bunch of practical, trendy, and fun gifts ranging from teethers and toys to bouncers and walkers that you could subtly ask friends and family to get your little one this holiday season.

Here's the list of the best gifts for baby's first Holiday.

  • Geodome Playhouse

  • Sleeping Bag Combo

  • Teether Planet

  • Emoji Play Mat

  • Walker Wagon

  • Critter Wraps

  • Baby Board Book Gift Set

  • Flashbeat Drum

  • Natural Wooden Baby Toy Gift

  • Doorway Jumper

  • Name Puzzle Set

  • Personalised Baby Block

  • Tobbles Neo

  • Wooden Name Blocks

  • Plush Playmat

  • Floating Rubber Blocks

  • Geometric Stacker

Celebrate your newest family member’s first holiday with items that will inspire everlasting memories. Whether you want to honor old traditions, or create new ones, these special keepsakes and play objects will delight young eyes while embracing the sentimentality of the season.

Happy Holiday!

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