Activities for Boosting Baby Brain Development

Development and nature of babies are not only based on genetics but also on external conditions like nutrition, environment, and exercise. Hence, it is important to have your toddler indulge in Brain Boosting Activity. Listed below the top Baby Brain Development Activities.

Physical activities: In order for the child to be active later in his life, it is important that he/she participates in physical activities or exercise. You can build an obstacle course inside the house or the backyard for them to come through. In fact, the more they fall and bash due to the obstacles, the better their motor skills would develop while learning from the experience. To keep your little toddler comfortable during these activities make sure you dress them up in a comfortable attire.

Flashcards: Playing with the flash card would help your toddler understand and identify letters, numbers, colors, etc. It is one of the basic Baby Brain Development Activities, but it goes a long way in nurturing your kid.

Finger painting: Not only does finger painting help identify colors, but it also boosts creativity and is good for hand-eye coordination. The child gets to enjoy whatever his mind allows him to create. Also, it hones his/her motor skills through the use of various colors and images.

Solving puzzles: To foster your child’s fine-motor coordination, you can provide him/her with puzzles. Solving puzzles is necessary for his development. He would then understand the physical aspect of touching and understanding its shape through touch, and then finally placing it at the proper place. Moreover, lesser exposure to digital mediums is better for a toddler.

Music: Music is helpful for any human being. In fact, music is linked with accelerated brain development in children, most notably for reading, and processing speech, sound, and language. You can also enroll him/her in a class or get a tutor if your toddler shows signs of interest. Small things like clapping hands, whistling, and coordinated jumping could also help.

Improvise: A child’s mind is quite interesting as it finds magic in anything, even the items and activities we find mundane. You can always have these to your advantages, which would, in turn, help the child’s imagination grow. For example, you can play with food whilst eating or make a drum out of a laundry basket. For other activities, you can allow your toddler to roam around and explore on his own. However, do keep an eye on him at all moments.

Apart from these Brain Boosting Activities, there are certain things that a parent should always keep in mind. Don’t leave your children with TVs and video games to entertain themselves at an early age. Depending on such equipment in their childhood is not what you would want to do to your kid. This would only make them lazy and dependent on technology.

Bringing up babies doesn’t happen in a quick span. It is a long tedious process involving continuous efforts. A little smartness and awareness can lead to a better future for your baby.

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